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Advanced Certificate in Logistics & Supply Chain by KnoWerX

  • By nistush
  • December 14, 2022

The management of the transportation of goods and services is known as supply chain management, which includes all procedures that convert raw materials into completed goods. Systems for effective supply chain management lower costs, waste, and production cycle times.

A just-in-time supply chain, where retail sales quickly transmit restock needs to manufacturers, has become the industry standard. After that, retail shelves may be reloaded virtually as soon as the product sells.

In reality, the world we live in can be viewed as a global supply chain where parts of supply chain management have an impact on significant issues like the rapid expansion of multinational corporations (MNCs), tie-ups, global sourcing & expansion, fluctuating oil & gas prices, and environmental concerns.

Every component of these problems has a negative impact on corporate strategy and the bottom line. Practical SCM training is now vital and essential due to all of these new trends that are currently occurring.

Operations, purchasing, warehousing, distribution, and logistics are just a few of the roles and functional areas that fall under the broad umbrella of SCM. That implies there are many career options you can take if you pursue a career in supply chain management.

You will gain the logistics and operations expertise you need to advance your career in SCM as well as procurement and transportation planning abilities through a supply chain management course in Mumbai by Knowerx.

Advanced Certification at Knowerx

Our courses are designed and presented in collaboration with skilled industry faculty. These subject experts present up-to-date material during training because they are engaged in their specialized domains. They have a depth of professional knowledge and are willing to impart it so you can advance both personally and professionally in this rapidly changing world.

Our objective is to impart the learner with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies for increased productivity and entrepreneurship. By offering comprehensive and current training that is focused on industry requirements, we continuously work to close the skill gap in these fast-expanding industries and human resources.


For supply chain management entry-level employees, this supply chain management certification course is designed. Additionally, it is beneficial to executives who are new to supply chains or a specific domain, to those who are reentering the workforce, and to seasoned workers looking for commercial prospects.

  • Gain a detailed overview of SCM digital transformation and the evolution of business models.
  • Understand the levels of technology moderation and their impact on different industries.
  • Learn the changing business models in retail, logistics, and distribution.
  • Understand the Impact of new supply chain technologies with Knowerx.

We firmly adhere to our idea of Quality Training in logistics and supply chain management courses and Student Welfare to make sure that students receive the greatest training and have successful careers. This is clearly proved by the pool of knowledgeable, experienced lecturers, trustworthy employees, and committed placement aid for students in our organization.

To make sure that your learning is framed and grounded in real-world experience, we employ a lot of case studies and videos. With site visits or locally focused cases, we interpret your learning and adapt it to the frameworks for competencies, knowledge, and abilities needed by your sector.

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