About the Workshop

Play the DDBrix game to collaborate and interact with your peers while having fun! This game utilizes LEGO bricks to help visualize your supply chain and demonstrate how DDMRP buffers optimize the flow of materials and information in a collaborative learning environment.

Using the DDBrix Factory kit, teams will go through 4 phases:
  • Supply Chain with push flow

  • Supply Chain with lean flow

  • Forecast -driven Supply Chain

  • Demand-driven Supply Chain modification of the planning and execution of production orders



  • This game will give you an interactive experience where you can build and break down elements of the supply chain with Legos.
  • Your team can gain a foundational understanding of supply chain management by constructing the ideal supply chain out of Lego pieces.
  • You team will experience first-hand of how DDMRP (Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning) enhances customer service, controls production, and reduces anxiety.
  • Experience how DDMRP buffers stabilize both material and information circulation.

Who should attend the Workshop?

  • Supply Chain Professionals

  • Operational excellence professionals , production managers, purchasing managers, IT managers, HR managers, sales managers, financial managers.

  • Consultants, Students

  • DDMRP project team, stakeholders in a DDMRP project


About the Trainer

Alan Jansen Van Vuuren

Alan Jansen Van Vuuren is a certified DDBrix instructor with over 10 years of experience in Supply Chain Planning. He has implemented more than 15 DDMRP projects and over 100 Supply Chain projects worldwide. He was the Guest Lecturer at the University of Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Alan Jansen Van Vuuren


Mode of Training Duration
In Person 7 Hours
  • Early Bird discount available
  • Group discount- on registrations of 3 or more.

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Certifying Body: Demand Driven Institute