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SCOR Professional (SCOR-P)

The APICS SCOR Professional (SCOR-P) affirmation can demonstrate to employers your commitment to logistics and enhance your supply chain management (SCM) career. This certification is granted to those who complete in-depth instruction in the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) prototype through APICS and pass a test to deepen their understanding. The SCOR model is a globally recognised supply chain management framework that maximizes the efficiency of the supply chain and standardizes the approach used.


The Most Well-Known Supply Chain Framework and Endorsement (SCOR-P). The Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR) is the world’s best supply chain framework, unifying business operations, performance measures, practices, and people skills.

The APICS SCOR Professional (SCORP) program teaches you how to use the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model to manage and measure the performance of an entire supply chain.

Learn how to manage and measure the performance of a global supply chain by using the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model and the SCOR-P training and credentialing program.

Reshape your company’s supply chain, digitalize your operational processes, and gain the knowledge and resources to drive SCOR deployments with your team.

SCOR-P training and support are ideal for supply chain professionals who want to learn how to apply the SCOR model, use and perceive SCOR metrics, and plan a typical SCOR venture.

Benefit of SCORP

SCORP approval is a credential obtained through the administration of a proctored exam that illustrates your dedication to your career and investment in yourself. You will significantly increase your percentage of supply chain improvement and performance by expanding your SCOR knowledge.

Is SCORP the right choice for you?

If you already have some expertise in supply chain management, earning your SCOR-P is a great way to demonstrate to employers that you are familiar with industry norms and can add value to your organization’s distribution chain. This endorsement demonstrates to others in the sector that you have been involved in your career by learning the best strategies available.



APICS SCOR-P education is essential for?

SCORP endorsement is a credential awarded through delivery of a proctored exam and demonstrates a commitment to your career and an investment in yourself. By building on your SCOR knowledge, you will dramatically increase your rate of supply chain improvement and performance. SCORP endorsement builds on the SCOR Framework by providing participants with the tools to:

  • Standardize performance metrics
  • Build processes to describe what, where and how activities are performed
  • Create best practices for processes impacting supply chain performance
  • Manage critical supply chain resources for developing and retaining employees
  • The Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR) is the world’s leading supply chain framework, linking business processes, performance metrics, practices and people skills into a unified structure.   Employ the SCOR framework at your organization and:

    • Increase the speed of system implementations
    • Support organizational learning goals
    • Improve inventory turns

    Level 1 Processes included in SCOR:

    • Plan
    • Source
    • Make
    • Deliver
    • Return
    • Enable

    Level 1 Metrics included in SCOR:

    • Perfect order fulfillment
    • Order fulfillment cycle time
    • Upside supply chain flexibility
    • Upside supply chain adaptability
    • Downside supply chain adaptability
    • Overall value at risk
    • Total cost to serve
    • Cash-to-cash cycle time
    • Return on supply chain fixed assets
    • Return on working capital