Call for Supply Chain Management Leadership for Atmanirbhar Bharat

Written by Ravindra Tulsyan CFPIM CIRM CSCP SCOR-P CDDP PLS CLTD DDPP, the article talks about the vital role of Supply Chain Professionals to help nation achieve this vision of AtmaNirbhar Bharat. We, SCM professionals, have made impossible things possible and its once again time to, raise to the occasion.

In the speech of our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, on 12th May 2020, the “Supply Chain” terminology was used eight times. Though it is a proud era for our supply chain management fraternity to rejoice and be happy that our profession is getting into the limelight, it also puts a lot of responsibilities on us.

Our Prime Minister clearly wants to convert the COVID-19 pandemic challenges into an opportunity for India. The case that he brought out was that of India started manufacturing of 2,00,000 PPE and N95 masks in such a short time when none were made in India before COVID-19 pandemic hit India. I personally have no doubt that Indians, when challenged, can move mountains with little or no resources. I remember, when India did the Pokhran nuclear test, US stopped giving technologies required for our space program. But then, Indian scientists successfully developed their own technologies when no help came from outside. Our supply chain management fraternity is expert in this. We do these impossible possible every day using the jugaad techniques.

He spoke about:

(a) Making India’s supply chain modern,

(b) Managing the cycle of demand and supply chain,

(c) Empowering all stake holders of supply chain,

(d) Strengthen our supply chain with local resources and with local flavour,

(e) Strengthening agricultural supply chain,

(f) Supply chain that can compete globally,

(g) India to play a big role in global supply chain, and,

(h) Importance of local manufacturing and local supply chain.

If we do our SWOT analysis, I think our Strength is knowledge at the leadership level and to some extent at the middle management level. We are great fire fighters. An average Indian is quite intelligent. We have a big pool of young workforce that will work hard under a good leadership. Most large companies have installed a good ERP system. India’s IT skills are also one of the biggest assets. Our Weaknesses are our infrastructure, our attitude to defy systems when not convenient to us, our chalta hai attitude, not being proactive, habit of procrastinating, our low self-esteem, our limited understanding of global supply chain management practices, corruption in Government interface part of supply chain management, high cost of products due to lack of economy of scale, etc. However, Opportunities are huge. India can be biggest beneficiary of the efforts of most countries to diversify manufacturing from China. India can become a developed country with increased prosperity of every citizen and a good future for our next generations. Threats include other countries who are competing with India to take away the pie of manufacturing diversification, like, Brazil, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, and, Vietnam.

However, Atmanirbhar Bharat is doable. Immediate action is to educate, train, motivate, and empower supply chain management workforce, especially young, at the middle management and at the operating level. This can happen by providing world-class education and training in global supply chain management processes and best practices. This would lead to transformation in our human resources by being proactive, shed our chalta hai attitude, leading to improved quality, improved productivity, lower cost, better customer service, etc. on the path to Atmanirbhar Bharat and global Indian brands.

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