Proud to be SCM professionals​


The arms of coronavirus has reached every major industry in the world. Several cities around the world are echoing silence due to the lockdown. People are locked inside their houses for safety. But there are many silent soldiers who are fighting this war for you. Doctors, nurses, and people of the medical profession are applauded and recognized globally for their efforts. Rightfully so. However, there is one recondite industry which remains unappreciated – the Supply Chain industry.

As per recent reports, the Supply Chain industry accounts for an approximate of 13% of India’s GDP.  If we compare this number to the leading developed countries in the world like the United States of America and the United Kingdom, the conclusion will amaze us. The GDP contribution of the Supply Chain industry in India is almost double than that of the industry in these countries. The main reason behind our stellar numbers are the population and product demand in India.

India has the world’s second largest road network. This includes the network of well-maintained city roads and the dismally uneven rural roads. With 28 states and 8 union territories, India has a large market of distributed population. The job of producing and distributing essential products and items to the citizens in every part of the country is of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) professionals.

The job of SCM professionals like us, is to ensure that the production, distribution, and supply of essential commodities remain intact throughout the country. We cannot let coronavirus scare us inside our houses because we need to provide groceries and essentials to the 130 crore people in India. At times like these, we feel proud to be SCM professionals because the livelihood of every Indian depends upon us.

We might be invisible during this time of global crisis because doctors are the only visible professionals on the forefront of this pandemic war. In addition to that, we must not forget that there are people like us, who are working around the clock to make sure that the families are being fed. No individual or Indian family should face the scarcity of groceries and other essential items. And we are the professionals in charge of that responsibility.

Every Supply Chain company in India is strengthening its distribution network to ramp up the production and supply it to the remotest parts of the country. Most of the companies have individuals working from home, but SCM professionals are out under the sun to deliver the products to your local stores. They leave their houses every day and work for hours straight to serve the doctors and other professionals fighting for the lives of people affected by COVID-19. Thanks to the SCM professionals around the world, the doctors have the right groceries and essentials to provide them with their daily nutrients.

The use of technology is also increasing at the different levels of Supply Chain structure. SCM companies have professionals working on their computers and machines to produce sufficient goods and products, at a better rate than earlier times. You might’ve heard the cases of people hoarding groceries and essentials. These professionals are the ones behind the scenes who are working constantly to make sure that every rack in the supermarkets are filled. If you are related to SCM in any way, it’s definitely something to be proud of. SCM professionals are the covid-heroes behind the scenes.

KnoWerX has been a pioneer in SCM education over the last 3 decades and has contributed vastly by introducing thousands of SCM professionals to this field. Even in these testing times we continue to educate SCM aspirants and professional through online trainings and webinars.

proud to be scm professional