Certified Direct Material Planner


A material planner is an essential member of a manufacturing operation in any organization. Ensuring a steady flow of all materials needed to keep a manufacturing line operating. Identify bottlenecks, forecast problems and observe customer request and trends to create and maintain inventory schedule by taking up this certification.


The course is covered in 7 sessions:

Session 1: Introduction to Planning

  1. Overview of manufacturing, planning & control system (MPC)

  2. Evolution of operation management system

Session 2: Production Data Structures

  1. Overview & examples

  2. Material types used

  3. Production bill of material (BOM)

  4. Various BOM types and usage

  5. BOM data structure & example

  6. BOM vs product structure

  7. Various type of BOM displays

  8. Routine data structure

  9. Work centre master

Session 3: Advance Production data Structure

  1. Material classification

  2. BOM levels

  3. Phantom BOM

  4. Alternatives & substitutes

  5. Lead time offset

  6. Scrap & yield

  7. By-product and co-product

  8. Master recipe

  9. Production resources & tools

Session 4: Planning BOMs

  1. Types of planning BOMs

  2. Hedging & overplanning

  3. Configurable BOM with variable quote

Session 5: Intro to MRP

  1. Independent vs dependent demand

  2. What is MRP

  3. Benefits

  4. Linkages to MPC

  5. Brief history

  6. Inputs & outputs

Session 6: MRP Logic

  1. Understanding Netting, Offsetting & Explosion

  2. MRP calculations

  3. Impact of various parameters

  4. Bucketless MRP

  5. Exception messages

  6. Regeneration vs netchange

  7. Nervousness & dampeners

Session 7: Advanced Topics in MRP

  1. Stages of offers

  2. MRP policies & methods

  3. Managing changes

  4. Horizontal dependencies & pegging

  5. Measures signalling MRP failure

  6. MRP with lean & DDMRP


  • The exam will be concept 50 multiple choice questions are to be answered in one hour.
  • There will be no penalty for giving wrong answers. Participant must score 75% or above to pass the exam.
  • Exam has to be taken within 3 months of the training.


Certificate will be awarded to participants on clearing the examination.

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Certifying Body: Association for Supply Chain Management