APICS Train the Trainer (TTT) Workshop

A workshop that introduces the “Basics of Effective Instruction”
Improve your training skills in action filled two days


The Train the Trainer workshop is an intense, hands-on 18-hour workshop to provide you with a successful and workable methodology that you can apply to any subject in which you may have to train people. You will be shown and will practice tried and true methods that can help you to become an effective instructor. The confidence and technical ability gained from TTT will lend authority to presentations at work and in all of your activities.

Please be aware that this is a matter of professional training and not just education. Training deals with the how-to while education deals with the why. Training involves observable/measurable behavior on the part of the learner in your lesson.

The class reviews basic training techniques and the four ‘must’ rules of effective training. It provides common sense suggestions for using a variety of presentation media and helpful hints on room set-up. The question of why and how different people learn is examined. The most powerful tool for improving your training skills is the 5- and 10-minute practice presentations. Each session is videotaped, reviewed, and constructively critiqued.


The objective of the APICS Train the Trainer workshop is to introduce you to the basics of effective instruction. Learn the tried and true methods for training. This workshop is an intensive hands-on and activity-oriented course. It is intended to enhance your professionalism and effectiveness as a trainer. During the workshop, you will write instructional objectives, formulate lesson plans, and then present 5- and 10-minute practice training sessions using the procedures, tools, and skills you have learned.

You will learn how to:

  • Write instructional objectives that clearly show what your students will be able to do as a result of the lesson

  • Develop lesson plans that support the lesson and that anyone can use

  • Effectively use a variety of media to promote learning

  • Determine the participants’ level of learning in terms of your instructional objectives through feedback


  • Review of the basics of communication

  • Demonstrations, tips and practice in selecting and using assorted media correctly

  • Develop instructional objectives

  • Creating, timing, and executing lesson plans

  • Practice and critique of teaching methods and techniques

  • Tips on setting up a training environment

  • Training and experience in motivating learners

  • Increase your business effectiveness

About Instructor

Ravindra Tulsyan, III APICS Master Instructor-Instructor Training
Ravi’s purpose is to help you vividly express your thoughts, feelings, and needs through effective communication. He has extensive experience teaching presentation skills, training methods, team competencies, facilitation skills, and structured problem-solving.
Ravi has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing engineering, facilities design, systems definition and installation, and productivity improvement. He received an MTech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur.

APICS Train the Trainer

What Attendees Have Said

  • "This course is a must for all trainers."

  • "Gave me the essential skills to present in various situations, training classes, meetings, and team presentations."

  • "Helped me see the flaws in my presentation techniques that I didn't know I had."

  • "An excellent course for new trainers and instructors, but it's even more beneficial for those with experience."


Prepare a training session to be used for both the 5- and 10-minute training presentations (not a lecture -involve the learners and teach them how to do something)

  • Be ready to "be involved"

  • Be open minded!!!

  • Be prepared to apply your new training techniques

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APICS Train the Trainer (TTT) Workshop (Online or Offline Training)

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